Selnet appointment for Recycling Lives manager

Recycling Lives is now able to give even more to the community, thanks to the appointment of one of its staff to a Lancashire network’s board of directors!

Dave Allen, the social business’s Strategic Development Manager, recently became elected to the board of directors of Selnet (Social Enterprise Lancashire Network). His position means that he can bring Recycling Lives’ wide range of skills, expertise and services to the county-wide network, which provides advice and practical support to social enterprises. Dave said:

“I am very proud and honoured to have been voted on to the Selnet board of directors. I am looking forward to actively participating in the network and supporting the fantastic social enterprise network that exists throughout Lancashire.”

Through Selnet, member organisations are able to engage in partnership work, collaborating with one another and forming consortia. With Dave now taking an active role within Selnet, its members will be able to avail themselves of advice and guidance about many matters with which Recycling Lives is familiar. Besides advice on recycling and environmental sustainability, the award-winning social business will be able to offer guidance to network members, enabling them to make a real difference to their communities.

Recycling Lives congratulates Dave Allen on his nomination and election to the Selnet board, and wishes him well in his endeavours to bring Lancashire’s social businesses and social enterprises together. As Vice Chair of the Lancashire Community Recycling Network, Dave is clearly already experienced in facilitating communication between members of different organisations and bringing them together for a common purpose.

Our purpose as a social business is to improve the environment, the local economy, and society through all our activities, which include operating a social welfare charity to support homeless people to find work and accommodation.

This commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is enshrined in our policies and procedures, and involves aspects such as offering our facilities as community resources, and ensuring we have a fully trained workforce whose members are provided with all the opportunities they need. Our approach will be demonstrated by Dave Allen in his work with Selnet, which supports hub meetings, distributes useful information, and delivers business support programmes to its member organisations in order to help them flourish.