Sustainability: It’s a winner

At Recycling Lives, we are so committed to recycling that we think people who do good things for the environment should win awards. Luckily, there is a scheme for this purpose!

The latest “Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management” ceremony took place on 16th May, and honoured leading people and organisations from the private, public and Third sectors. Awards spanned a range of categories including “Commercial Recycling Champion” and “Innovation in Design of a Waste Management Facility”.

Recipients of awards included Booker, the wholesaler, which has a successful packaging recycling service; Philip O’Keefe, the Recycling Officer from Lambeth Council, for his efforts in promoting recycling; and The Tool Shed, a project to help men aged 50 and over suffering from depression to refurbish and repair furniture, run by Total Reuse, a social enterprise.

There was also the inaugural “Zero Waste Platinum Award”, which went to Portakabin for achieving zero landfill at its York manufacturing centre. Portakabin is clearly committed to recycling, because the company achieved this feat ahead of its target; not only that, but their buildings are made of 35% recycled material.

The conference’s keynote speaker was Julie Hill, Chair of the Green Alliance’s Circular Economy Taskforce. Her speech praised the efforts of attendees in boosting the country’s recycling rate. She said:

“You may have seen the European Environment Agency’s report recently, showing that the UK had the biggest increase in recycling rate over the past decade, showing that although we started from a low base, we have pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps. The real people responsible for that are in this room today.

“The UK, from having been behind in its thinking about waste treatment and being late to the party, can finally put flesh on the idea of a circular economy.”

Recycling Lives has been making its own contribution to the UK’s recycling figures and working towards a circular economy for many years. We are no stranger to awards ourselves, having received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2010. This recognised our

“extremely strong performance across social, environmental and commercial sustainability”.

Our Chief Executive, Steve Jackson, also received an OBE at the beginning of 2013, for services to employment and the community in Lancashire, and everyone at Recycling Lives is most proud of his achievements in developing the organisation’s social business model.

Recycling Lives’ operations are underpinned by its Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, so everything it does is designed to benefit the community, the environment, and society. Its comprehensive range of waste management solutions includes innovative manufacturing processes to make materials for the construction industry from waste plastics and glass.

The social business also runs a social welfare charity, which supports homeless people to find work and accommodation. When they become Residents, individuals also receive training and assistance in all aspects of their lives, so they can work their way back to independence and achieve future success.

If you want to make your own contribution to society, you can share in our success by hiring us for your waste management solutions. Or perhaps you are a business looking to boost your Corporate Social Responsibility by entering into partnership on a project. Either way, contact us to find out more about our award-winning social business!