Swinton depot makes a splash in the news

News of the Recycling Lives Swinton depot, set to open next Friday, is stirring up some real interest in the regional and industry press.

The press release, sent out late last week, has already gained coverage in the Manchester Evening News, Salford Online,  the Lancashire Evening Post and EN – a magazine for entrepreneurs. The busy Recycling Lives twitter feed is a hot spot for chat about the event and press enquiries are coming in left, right and centre.

Greater Manchester Business Week

Coverage in the MEN’s Greater Manchester Business Week paper -both digital and print – has focused on the Corporate Social Responsibility aspects of Recycling Lives’ work and the social benefits of our charity.
The GMBW team has also taken to Twitter to promote the July launch, ensuring that over 1,500 followers get to see the news.

Salford Online

Digital magazine, Salford Online, has published the story and promoted it across their Twitter account, which reaches almost 1,300 people.

Salford Online are also planning on attending the launch with their own photographer and videographer, to capture the day’s events!

Lancashire Evening Post

Coverage from Recycling Lives favourite, the Lancashire Evening Post, has been prompt as ever, with a full-page spread in the digital edition and a prime spot on page three of today’s paper.

As one of the leading publications in the North West, the combined digital and print versions of the LEP reach tens of thousands of people every day. The news team are always keen to hear the latest from Recycling Lives, so this most recent coverage is just more good news for us!

EN – the magazine for entrepreneurs

EN magazine – a publication for budding and established entrepreneurs –  is a new platform for us and represents a whole industry sector that we are able to target with articles on the innovative new projects that Recycling Lives is undertaking.

Because of the focus on encouraging entrepreneurialism, in our marketing communications as well as throughout the company culture, our reputation as a thought leader in the sector is becoming increasingly well-known.

We hope to gain more coverage in EN Magazine and similar titles again in future. In the meantime, watch this space!