The art of scrap metal: Artist uses ELV for sculptures!

Normally, scrap cars are broken up for parts and anything left over is processed – but an artist in Thailand has found another use for vehicle components that started as a hobby.

Mai Sudjai, a sculptor from Bangkok, started making sci-fi characters from scrap metal a decade ago and has since become so successful that he has set up a workshop and taken on staff to cope with the demand.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Sudjai’s sculptures are commissioned from all over the world, take up to two months to construct, and can cost as much as £5000. He and his staff sculpt the characters out of car parts such as exhaust pipes and carburettors, having first cleaned and coated them. They are then welded and fixed into place to make eight-foot tall sculptures of film characters, such as Terminator and Robocop, which weigh up to 1100 lbs.

One staff member, Krittayakorn Chaijit, gave an insight into the mechanics of the process:

“We try to retain the specific characteristic of the car parts although we do a lot of cutting, hammering and welding to make sure that we get the right shape for the character’s features.”

Perhaps the star attraction is Captain Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean. Although not a sci-fi character, the sculpture presented a challenge to Mr Sudjai and his team, because every head and beard hair was made of individual wires!

Looking at the photographs on the Kreatworks website, it is clear to see why the breathtaking sculptures, which clearly demonstrate artistic vision and great effort, have attracted worldwide attention. They are beautifully constructed pieces, and the fact that they are all built out of scrap car parts makes them even better.

Recycling Lives champions reuse over recycling, and this is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing example of reuse that we have ever encountered! Scrap metal has been turned into works of art that will bring enjoyment to the people who have purchased them.

As a social business dedicated to engaging with the community and sustaining charity through metal and waste recycling, including our own social welfare charity that supports homeless people to find work and employment, Recycling Lives applauds the work of Mr Sudjai and his team. They, too, are improving society through creativity whilst doing something good for the environment!