The Recycling Lives trade card: Customer convenience

Recycling Lives never tires of bringing its customers innovative, creative solutions. This even extends to providing them with alternatives by which they can be paid for scrap metal!

Cast your mind back to December 2012. Amid your preparations for the festive season, you will probably remember, if you were selling scrap metal to a scrapyard around that time, that you were no longer able to receive payment in cash. This was because the law changed, in order to tackle metal theft.

Payment could only be made to customers by cheque or bank transfer. This is all very well, but not everyone has a bank account. For them, a bank transfer is useless, and if they cannot pay in cheques, they will have to find a cheque-cashing service. Many of those take substantial commissions for cashing, leaving the scrap seller out of pocket.

To ensure we provided the best possible service to our valued customers, in January 2013, we launched the Recycling Lives Trade Card! Here’s how it works.

You, the customer, take scrap metal to Recycling Lives. It is weighed, and the correct value is calculated. Payment is then made by crediting your cash card. You now have money with which you can pay for things, just as you would with a normal bank card – but this card is not linked to a bank account, so you don’t need to go to the trouble of setting one up!

All you need to do is go down to Recycling Lives with two forms of identification as well as the items you want to sell. A passport or driving licence (with photograph), plus a utility bill, will do just fine. The card, which is a MasterCard chip-and-PIN card, is restricted to people aged 18 or over.

The first transaction will involve a £10 charge, which is to cover the costs of the card and administration. Every subsequent transaction will involve a 65p charge, again to cover admin costs. These fees are considerably less than those you would be charged at a cheque-cashing service.

Your money will be available for you to spend within an hour, which is, again, much quicker than having to wait several days for a cheque to clear! Even bank transfers take longer than our system for the money to become available to spend. All you need to do to get the PIN so that you can use the card is make a phone call and follow some instructions.

The Recycling Lives cash card is convenient. For a small charge, you can use your card at shops, like a normal debit card, and withdraw cash from cashpoints with it. You can keep a balance of up to £5000 on your Recycling Lives card, and keeping track of your balance is easy, because you can do it on a website.

Even if you do have a bank account, you can still sign up for the scheme. Why not use it as a separate fund, earmarked for buying birthday presents with? Alternatively, you could use it like a savings account, accumulating the money over the course of the year and spending it on the Christmas grocery shopping.

As well as being customer-focused, Recycling Lives is dedicated to sustaining charity through metal and waste recycling. Our social welfare charity helps homeless and unemployed people to turn their lives around. They are supported to find work and accommodation, and access training opportunities so they can strive for success.

Whatever you decide to spend your money on, we are sure you will agree that it’s definitely worth getting a Recycling Lives trade card! Sign up and find out even more when you next use Recycling Lives!