The road to recovery

The Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has created a plan to foster growth and lock in the recovery of the economy.

The plan announced by Business Secretary Vince Cable last week, states that to succeed in creating a sustainable economic future, we must be greener, use lower carbon technologies, create a highly skilled workforce and promote innovation through entrepreneurialism.

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, is already leading by example in this field and has proven that business can be a force for good.

Recycling Lives has established a specialised carbon reduction department dedicated to helping businesses and local authorities reduce their carbon footprint, save money and become more environmentally friendly.

A sector leader in waste management for more than 40 years, Recycling Lives prevents almost 90 per cent of all waste it receives from going into landfill.

Recycling Lives provides life changing opportunities, for those facing an uncertain future; through accommodation, education, training and work experience.

Training is provided for the formerly homeless, workless, welfare dependent, socially excluded and the educational disadvantaged; with 100 per cent of the individuals completing the programme achieving full time employment and independent living. 

All Recycling Lives Residents are offered work experience placements within the environmental sector, and are educated to become highly skilled, contributing employees.

Dr Cable presented his paper for the first time at the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee and argued the biggest risk to the nation’s economic future is not controlling the deficit effectively.

Dr Cable said: “Despite the demands of fiscal austerity we have the tools and capacity to achieve sustainable growth and there is a role for Government to ensure they are used effectively.

“My department, which I have argued should be seen as the “department for growth”, has a key role to play in creating the conditions for businesses, the drivers of our economy, to start out, invest, grow and be profitable which is critical for the recovery.

“Our aim at BIS is to reshape the economy so that growth comes from business investment and exports.

“We need to rebalance away from an economy built on debt to a one that is greener and more technologically advanced. Our economy also needs to be prepared for the long term challenges ahead – the switch to lower carbon technologies in particular.  This should also build on the UK’s historic strength in science and technology.

“It is also vital that we create opportunities that are spread more across the regions, and through those sectors where the UK is strong and can add real value.

“To generate growth Ministers are determined to create an enterprise culture where everyone with talent is inspired and able to turn ideas into successful businesses. Getting rid of unnecessary barriers that can stifle growth and creating incentives will be vital.”