Webcasting technology: Bringing Recycling Lives together

Recycling Lives is taking a big step forward in communications technology, making meetings easier to arrange – and it’s great for the environment!

Technological advances in the waste management industry are usually in the field of heavy machinery rather than electronic communications systems. Always at the forefront of new developments in a wide range of areas, Recycling Lives is pleased to unveil an exciting new system that will revolutionise its departmental communications.

By installing secure video streaming hardware and software in each of Recycling Lives’ departments, the organisation can now engage in “webcasting”, or video conferencing. Thanks to the new system, which was designed and engineered in-house under the supervision of Jonathan Taylor, Technical Department Director, meetings can be held with attendees located on different sites.

The system will run alongside Recycling Lives’ new customer relationship management system (CRM) and is the latest in a range of measures to improve communications within the Recycling Lives social business, which is growing quickly. Due to expansion, there are many managers and directors based at different sites who struggle to leave busy departments to attend meetings elsewhere.

Recycling Lives benefits from the webcasting system by saving money on travel costs throughout the organisation, and busy staff will have more time to focus on their work rather than get stuck in traffic on the way to meetings. Since less fuel will be used, the organisation’s carbon footprint will also be reduced.

With large expansion plans for the years to come, Recycling Lives is constantly on the lookout for ways to streamline the organisation and increase efficiency and effectiveness through the use of technology. With this in mind, we constantly invest time and money into technology that will aid communication between departments and, as a result, drive forward the growth of Recycling Lives.

Steve Jackson OBE, Recycling Lives’ Chief Executive, said:

“We are delighted with our new webcasting system, which is a great example of our innovative practice. This is great news for managers and staff, as well as the environment.

“The system represents our optimism for future developments, and we want to be well prepared for the expansion that Recycling Lives will undertake in the next few years. We are confident that the technology will help us achieve our aim for Recycling Lives to continue growing and maintaining its position as a market leader.”