Windows of opportunity in glass recycling

We are always happy to hear of advanced thinking within the manufacturing world, and a recent call from the glass industry certainly indicates sustainability-conscious approach!

Glass for Europe, the trade body representing some major flat glass manufacturers, would like window glass to be banned from landfill. It feels that such glass should instead be recycled and reused in window production.

The association’s report, “Recycling of End-of-Life Building Glass”, shows that glass is easily recyclable in furnaces, but this is rarely done. It wants to achieve a circular economy in which there is a landfill ban, and recycling targets are implemented. Technical guidance should also drive the development of collection processes.

Their report states that manufacturers are keen to improve the industry’s environmentally friendly approach:

“Glass manufacturers are ready to take back waste flat glass to be recycling into new flat glass products, provided quality specifications are met.

“Flat glass manufacturers agree on and support the principle of closed loop recycling to increase the recycled content of flat glass products, as there is still room to increase the percentage of recycled glass used in the manufacturing process.

“Building glass cullet that cannot be recycled technically and cost effectively in the flat glass sector could be recycled in other sectors of the glass industries, such as in the container and fibre glass sectors.”

We approve of Glass for Europe’s plans to increase the amount of glass that is reused and recycled. It is our view that there is no need at all for glass to go to landfill; it is easily recyclable, and we already use waste glass as a raw material for manufacturing applications.

Our innovative manufacturing process takes waste glass and turns it into tiles, which can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as an attractive alternative to ceramics and synthetics – not to mention a sustainable one!

We also carry out a similar service to the construction industry with plastics, turning polymers into strong beams that can be used instead of wood.

These processes, along with all our commercial operations, help our social business to run a social welfare charity that supports homeless people to find work and accommodation. During their time as Residents at the charity, they undertake work placements with us, as well as our corporate partners.

If you need to dispose of glass or any other kind of waste, hire Recycling Lives and you are guaranteed that landfill will be avoided!