Forklift truck training

Over the course of the last month, staff at Recycling Lives have been working with the training department to complete their fork lift truck driving training, helping them to expand their skill sets and gain new qualifications.

The training courses in January welcomed a mixed batch of employees – some of whom were completely new to fork lift truck driving and others who had done it before but needed to refresh their skills in order to ensure that they could operate the machinery safely. The driving novices spent five days with Clinton Williams, learning both practical and theoretical skills, while the return students took a one-day refresher course with a similar mix of practical and theory application. All students had to complete a rigorous driving test at the end of their training to make sure that their driving and safety standards were up to scratch.

Sidonie Richardson, HR and Training at Recycling Lives commented:

“The fork lift truck training course is just one of a large number of courses that we offer our staff here at Recycling Lives. Being able to operate machinery safely and efficiently is an essential part of working in the recycling sector, and we prioritise the safety of our staff at all times. Participants on our fork lift truck training courses have to demonstrate a clear understanding of fork lift truck driving, not just the practical skills such as how to steer and lift safely, but also the theoretical knowledge that they’ll need to keep them and their colleagues out of harm’s way.”

“It’s always great to see staff who are willing to put the time in and advance their skills, so we’d like to congratulate everyone who completed their training last month!”

Stay tuned to the staff news section of the Recycling Lives website to find out more about staff training in the near future!