Inspirational management training for Recycling Lives’ leaders

Managers at Recycling Lives are taking the lead on the organisation’s vision and ambitions thanks to a major investment in skills.

The Adam Morgan Company is working with managers from departments across the organisation’s commercial and charitable operations in 2017 to develop their leadership skills.

Adam Morgan, an award-winning leader in training solutions, will deliver 10 sessions between now and November, to three groups, comprising 45 managers.

The course – featuring a mix of interactive and practical elements – has been developed specifically for Recycling Lives in response to its 2016 Staff Survey and staff appraisals.

The survey found that the majority of staff (85% and 89%, respectively) felt managers treat others with respect, and work well with others.

Now investment is being made to match the organisation’s rapid growth in recent years and meet future ambitions.

William Fletcher, managing director of Recycling Lives, said: “This is a real investment in our leaders’ development, providing a fantastic opportunity to grow our talent in line with Recycling Lives’ continued expansion.”

The training is further investment by Recycling Lives into its people and processes, following investments totalling £1.5m in 2016.

Mr Morgan said: “I am so excited to be working with the managers and aspiring leaders at Recycling Lives, over the course of 2017.  Good management and leadership is essential in the building of a sustainable and profitable business, yet often people with management responsibilities do not get the full training and help they need to fulfil their potential.  I am honoured to be the one to deliver this program and am so excited to see the changes and successes for individuals and entire teams, as we move through the program.”