EU waste policies beneficial to UK, waste sector says

The UK waste sector has announced its support for the role of EU legislation in the industry. Whilst some reforms are needed regarding the UK’s membership of the EU, trade bodies say, overall it is beneficial.

The announcement comes as the UK Government conducts its ‘Review of the Balance of Competences’, which seeks to assess whether current EU legislation is benefiting the UK.

Leading organisations within the sector singled out the EU Landfill Directive as amongst the pieces of legislation that have driven the industry forward. The Directive obligates member nations to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste sent to landfill to 35 per cent of 1995 levels by 2016.

A joint statement from a number of leading waste bodies said:

“Undoubtedly EU waste legislation has been a force for good for the UK industry, with the Landfill Directive a prime example of how EU legislation has driven policy forward and transformed our resource recovery industry in the last decade. We doubt that successive UK Governments would have managed this alone.”

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