Our strategy

Recycling Lives is a recycling company with a difference. Grown around our belief in social sustainability, Recycling Lives leads the charge in the next wave of circular economy business models where social sustainability and the environment sit at the heart of our purpose, along with excellent service and competitive offerings. We believe in doing good to do good business.

We're a unique organisation, with the following at our core:

  • Embedded Social Value - At Recycling Lives social value is in our DNA. We offer employment to disadvantaged groups, assist local communities and deliver social value across all our operations. More info
  • Circular Solutions - We cover a broad range of waste streams across most end markets. Our 4 business units cover automotive, metals processing, environmental services (Total Waste Management) and compliance services. We aim to offer the most comprehensive range of recycling services in the industry.
  • Environmental Sustainability - We drive good environmental performance by constantly improving the percentage of materials we recover through recycling, reducing our CO2 emissions and developing second life solutions.
  • Innovation - We seek to constantly improve our offerings and service at both a business model and technical level. Our dedicated innovation team use the latest technologies to achieve maximum results for the environment, the people we work with, and for the business
  • Accredited and vouched for - We're trusted by our customers to offer reliable and authentic service.


William Fletcher