Our vision

“Our vision is to successfully align charity with business to build better communities and create long-term social value. Sharing our vision, values and knowledge, we will develop recycling partnerships that change lives.”

Steven T Jackson OBE DL - Founder, Recycling Lives

Steven T Jackson OBE DL

Recycling Lives is a waste management and recycling business exporting recycled metals and plastics worldwide. We process scrap metal, scrap cars (end-of-life vehicles - ELVs) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), to produce high-quality materials ready for remanufacturing.

Central to our business model is our commitment to creating demonstrable and measurable social value through our own social and charity programmes, focussing on job creation, offender rehabilitation, tackling homelessness and food redistribution.

As well as enjoying significant and sustained commercial growth in recent years, trebling our run-rate, we have also enjoyed the inspirational impact of these programmes. Creating social value worth millions, our charitable programmes benefit individuals, communities and society overall.

Changing the way business is done

Business has to change. Society will no longer accept companies that just pay leaders and owners significant sums without necessarily contributing to the communities they serve. Recycling Lives is leading the way to focus on commercial value and social value, rather than just one or the other. Our vision is for more businesses and organisations to adopt a similar working model, or to work with us for their waste management needs in order to support our social value programmes and benefit from their associated CSR.

We have developed a model that considers creating social value as important as creating commercial value. Having proved our model regionally in our home county Lancashire, we are now expanding nationally. We are able to grow as we win more work and develop new relationships with businesses and local authorities to manage waste and recycling contracts. This, in turn, assures the continued growth of our social programmes, allowing us to open more HMP Academies for offender rehabilitation, support more Residents in our charity, and launch new Local Collection Points (LCPs) for food redistribution. As a result of a major contract win in Cumbria, we were able to accelerate our plans to open LCPs across the county and open two within six months of the contract commencement. Following site openings in Greater Manchester and Merseyside, we have been able to increase number of training and work opportunities to offenders returning to the counties from our HMP Academies.