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Recycling Lives Charity

Working together to change lives

Working together since 2008

We work closely with Recycling Lives Charity on most of our social programmes. This partnership has been changing lives for the better since 2008 and allows our business to support three key programmes.

Rehabilitating men and women

Recycling Lives Services secures WEEE from local authorities and other sources which Recycling Lives Charity coordinates the recycling of in HMP Academies around the UK. These academies pay prisoners an enhanced wage, engage them in meaningful work and support them to develop skills, confidence and resilience. 

Our charity partnership also helps us run our ROTL (Release on Temporary License) programme where participants reaching the end of their sentence can work in our recycling operations. This again provides meaningful work, skills and is a critical step to securing full time employment on release.

All our services to men and women are backed up by wrap around support delivered by the charity which helps with mental health problems, maintaining abstinence and working with statutory services to help with reintegration into society.

Together this work reduces reoffending to typically below 5% for these programmes (compared to national average of 50%+ within 1 year of release). This saves the taxpayer a significant sum but more vitally changes lives for the better.

Reducing homelessness

Our main head-office building co-houses a residential programme which is run by Recycling Lives Charity. This facility houses, mentors and trains men experiencing homelessness by delivering a proven support programme.

It has an excellent track-record of helping its residents into independent living with a full-time job often within Recycling Lives businesses or other employers.

Tackling Food Poverty

We support Recycling Live Charity’s partnership with FareShare which helps feed communities across Lancashire and Cumbria. This helps reduce food waste and divert it to those in vulnerable communities.

This initiative delivers over 3 million meals every year, helping hundreds of charitable groups feed up to 20,000 people every week.

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