Recycling Lives is the largest car depolluter in the UK​

The size and scale of our car operations means that we are able to generate greater efficiencies and increasingly higher material recovery.

Our closed-loop approach where depollution and operations are nearly always kept in-house, allow for a true end-to-end integrated and more controllable process... Not to mention the best prices for our customers and suppliers.​

Looking to scrap your car?

Scrap car services brought to you by Scrap Car Network

Recycling Lives runs Scrap Car Network, an online community of scrap car recyclers who offer drivers competitive prices for scrapping their car.

Operating nationwide, we ensure that all the cars collected are disposed of ethically and in an environmentally friendly way. If we can, we will resell the car or its parts, but if the car is not in a saleable condition we ensure that it’s fully recycled at our recycling park or through one of our network partners.

In addition, using Scrap Car Network’s services directly supports and sustains Recycling Lives’ charitable activities, which create real social value through job creation, offender rehabilitation, supported accommodation for marginalised individuals, and redistributing surplus food to charitable organisations,

These activities feed value back to local businesses and communities by helping marginalised individuals to tackle their personal situations, whilst also training them for their chosen career. The result? Well-trained, hardworking, and driven people that support their local economy.

We offer:

  • Free collection
  • Competitive Prices
  • An environmentally friendly solution for scrapping your car
  • Social Value
Car Processing

Interested? Simply enter your car registration number and postcode on our site to get an instant quote for your car. Alternatively, you can enter your contact details and tell us where your car is located to get a personal quote.

If you choose our services, we will collect your car for free on an agreed time and date. We’ll then either resell your car, or recycle it at our authorised treatment facilities and sell the metal it was made from. If the vehicle is recycled, we'll provide you with a certificate of destruction to ensure that you’re not charged with an £80 fine.

Vehicle auctions brought to you by Raw2K

Recycling Lives runs RAW2K, an online auction site that works with local authorities and insurers to dispose of both roadworthy and breaker-only vehicles.

With more than 15 years’ experience managing the disposal, de-fleet, salvage and scrappage of vehicles, we are trusted by police forces across the UK and several major insurers to generate competitive returns for their vehicles.

We offer nationwide collection services, storing accident damaged and un-damaged second-hand cars at fully licenced Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) across the UK. All saleable vehicles are then auctioned on our online site where 38,000 registered and audited members have the chance to bid on them. All unsaleable vehicles are recycled at our authorised recycling facilities

In addition, RAW2K’s services directly support and sustain Recycling Lives’ charitable activities, creating real social value through job creation; offender rehabilitation; supported accommodation for marginalised individuals; and redistributing surplus food to charitable organisations across Lancashire and Cumbria.

  • Generate returns on second-hand and breaker-only vehicles through our online auction site
  • Recycle unsaleable vehicles at an authorised treatment facility
  • Create real social value supporting marginalised individuals into employment
Car Processing

Interested? Browse cars up for auction on our site or set up an account online to sell used vehicles. Just log in to your account and click the 'Sell' button. You will then be taken through the correct upload procedure depending on your account type.

ATF Registered sites and members with Motor Trade Insurance can sell vehicles on the auction with no Upload Fee or Final Value Fee, after emailing a copy of the insurance to us.

Members of the public can sell their own vehicles on the RAW2K Auctions for £18 (including VAT).

For more information about any of these processes, please visit our site.

who we work with
  • KIER
  • Speedy
  • British Gas
  • Wates
  • BT
  • BT
  • Sellafield Ltd
  • suez environment

why work with us

Martin Chown Supply Chain Director Sellafield Limited We are committed to ensuring our local communities derive maximum economic benefit from the money we spend at Sellafield, by insisting companies that win work with us to invest to support local growth. Recycling Lives has these values at its core and I’m excited by their plans. The contract win also allowed for the creation of a number of jobs in Cumbria as we work to open a new site in the county, creating jobs for yard operatives, drivers and site managers. Read moreRead less
Josh Steiner Social Value & Sustainability Manager Wates Group Recycling Lives has reaped the rewards of strong commercial and social credentials to secure large-scale contracts. The high value and quality nature of the service, alongside its demonstrable social benefits has prompted the organisation’s ongoing success, allowing it to expand its range of services and open in new locations to achieve nationwide coverage Read moreRead less
Jeremy Hartley Managing Director Eric Wright Group The Eric Wright Group has always recognised the importance of supporting the local community and using our business activities to improve people’s lives. Working with Recycling Lives gives us an opportunity to continue to make a real difference and achieve more through working together. Read moreRead less

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