FareShare Lancashire and Cumbria.

Our Food Redistribution Centre is tackling food poverty and reducing food waste, while supporting small charities to reduce their running costs and expand their services for communities.

Since its launch in late 2015 it has distributed 3.2million meals to disadvantaged groups, diverting 1,360 tonnes of food from landfill in the process. Every week it feeds 10,000 people via its network of 173 Community Food Members (CFMs), which include school breakfast clubs, homeless shelters, hospices and food banks.

The Food Redistribution Centre has created £11.3m social value to date - £2.1m in 2015/16, £2.3m in 2016/17, £3.4m in 2017/18 and £3.5m in 2018/19.

It’s about more than just food - the goods we deliver allow CFMs to expand their offer to communities and attract new groups to their services. Members save thousands of pounds each year, by reducing their spend on goods from the supermarket or suppliers - on average members save £7,900 each year through membership but some members save much more. And each meal delivered by a group is worth around £1.40 to individuals. In this way, Recycling Lives creates enormous social value by creating savings for CFMs and individuals.

Food supplied by the Centre is in-date and high quality, ranging from fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to tinned goods and frozen food. It is surplus stock from supermarkets, suppliers and wholesalers, and farmers which would have been destined for landfill or incineration. The Centre is run in partnership with FareShare, the UK’s leading food waste charity. Part of its national network, Recycling Lives’ Food Redistribution Centre is the Lancashire & Cumbria regional centre, serving the two counties from its base in Preston.

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Food Redistribution

The Impact of our partnerships

Our work is doing more than just changing lives for individuals, families and communities - between 2015 and 2019 it has created huge savings for society by reducing costs to the taxpayer and creating social value worth millions of pounds.


  • 27 individuals supported into independent living
  • + 228 ex-offenders rehabilitated
    and supported into work
  • + 3.2m meals delivered across
    Lancashire & Cumbria
  • = £28.3m reported Social Value -
    created through savings to society

Give your surplus food to those who need it Most

What is FareShare?

FareShare is a national charity organisation, tackling poverty and food waste. FareShare Centres around the UK collect surplus food from manufacturers and distribute it to charities and community groups. We provide fresh, in-date food to groups such as:

  • Breakfast clubs and after school centres for disadvantaged children
  • Hostels and shelters for homeless people
  • Lunch clubs for the elderly
  • Residential centres for adults with disabilities
  • Hospices & other ‘not for profit’ organisations

These groups can use the food to create meals for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in their communities.

Recycling Lives

Recycling Lives opened its FareShare food redistribution centre in Preston in October 2015, serving charities across Lancashire and Cumbria. The centre is operated by the Recycling Lives social welfare charity, sustained by our Queen’s Award-winning commercial recycling business.


The charity provides accommodation, work experience, training and support for homeless people in the local area. With this new centre, we can expand our charitable reach and help more vulnerable people in the community, as well as having a positive environmental impact by reducing food waste in the UK.

Recycling Lives have an ongoing commitment to providing employment skills and opportunities to disadvantaged people.

The new centre enables us to offer work placements and training for marginalised and long-term unemployed individuals, both from our charity and employment programmes run in partnership with other charities.


  • 158,000 158,000 people benefit from FareShare food per week
  • 2,029 2,029 charities receive food from FareShare centres across the country
  • 16.2 mil In 2014 FareShare distributed enough food to make 16.2 million meals
  • £7,900 Charity and community food members save an average of £7,900 per year with FareShare