Working together

“Recycling Lives is an organisation that lives and breathes helping people - it’s a passion that drives us all to do better every day.

"Our business model was founded on a commitment to offering opportunities to those at the margins of society. Now we are leading the way in developing responsible business, working for social as well as financial benefit.

"I’m often asked why we do what we do. Yes, it would be simpler not to. But there is no better feeling than seeing someone get themselves back on their feet. We then see that impact permeate out across families and into the communities around them.

"So you’ll understand that I respond to those people who ask why, by asking them: ‘Why wouldn’t you?'

Working together

“We are continuing to expand our HMP Academies programme in many more prisons; working to develop further facilities for our Six Stage residential charity; and growing the reach of our Food Redistribution Centre to work with dozens more CFMs.

"Our ambitions are all achievable and will impact hundreds more people’s lives.

"But we can’t do it alone.

"We need to work with all our partners - from commercial clients to third sector organisations and government bodies - to deliver our ambitions. The more we work together, the more people we can positively affect."

Alasdair Jackson
CSR & Sustainability Director