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Broken; the cliché often used by prisoners and prison employees to describe the system. Said in response to over-crowded prisons, where conditions are often unsuitable due to the sheer number of prisoners exceeding the levels that the facilities were built to house. Such conditions are a breeding ground for resentment and all too frequently become counter-productive to effective rehabilitation. The objective for Society and Government is clear and obvious, reduce prisoner numbers and we start to resolve the problem. Now there is an effective solution to achieve this shared goal.
Recycling Lives is very different to all other rehabilitation schemes. The programme removes all the obstacles that often prevent people from making progress including providing work-ethic and skills, accommodation, an experienced peer group of earlier graduates and ultimately full-time meaningful employment. Within the prison community the word is out, hope is building, and more men and women are succeeding. We are not broken, neither are the people that choose Recycling Lives as their pathway to freedom. They are positive and determined to succeed, together we are Unbroken.